Coexistence with kindness and mutual respect is the motto of Friendicoes

For thousands of years, humans have been sharing food, shelter, and their precious time with animals. Throughout history, dogs, cats, cows, goats, sheep, camels, horses and ponies have been our companions. For peaceful coexistence in the future, we need to bear kindness and respect in our actions towards animals.

Friendicoes is an NGO located in New Delhi that practices and promotes compassion led action for animals. In 1970, some children formed a small group and opened up a shelter home for abandoned and ill animals, the space for shelter was provided by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

A small two-room apartment was set up and it helped in housing some ill animals. As time progressed, more people began to associate with the rescue and treatment of animals and Friendicoes SECA was established in 1979. Presently, they are engaged in various animal shelter and rescue operations.

They have a shelter as well as hospitals for animals. Sick stray animals and lost or abandoned pets are found here. Sometimes birds and monkeys in distress also go to the refuge of Friendicoes.

As a unique organization, Friendicoes cares for the animals and helps in finding new housing and owners for the rescued and sick animals. Friendicoes advocates for the respect that animals deserve and endeavours to create a society where animals and humans co-exist peacefully.