Care India

Care India

Care India is an NGO based in New Delhi. It mainly works towards the economic and social empowerment of women. Care India is interested in the progress of women from lower castes and other marginalized communities.

Care India’s unique initiative starts at the domestic level. Traditional cooking methods in which wood and coal are used are quite harmful. Women often cook food in indoor pollution due to coal use, this adversely affects their health. Care India sensitizes the community on the domestic use of clean energy, and also helps in purchasing clean chulhas.

Care India is facilitating the acquisition of a better Cook Stove – called ICS. ICS or Improved Cookstoves block smoke and help in cooking using solar energy. Care India also provides financial and technical help to install it at home. This would not be possible without discussion with the men of the society, so the support and participation of men in the effort to use clean energy are important. Care India prepares homes to switch from traditional cooking techniques to cleaner alternatives.


Care India Achievements

In 2016, Care India was awarded the ‘India’s Most Trusted NGO’ award. Care India operates in 12 states and has distributed improved cookstoves to over 25,000 households.

CARE India in association with HCL Foundation promoted the use of clean energy and Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) in 2 urban slums of Gautam Budh Nagar district.

In collaboration with CARE and HCL Foundation, 17,500 individuals have been enabled to adopt better cookstoves so far.

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