Emerging challenges and what lies ahead?

The major objective of COP-26 was to execute the rules and regulations set in the Paris Climate Agreement, 2015. Critics emphasize that this objective was not completed because of three reasons. First, the goal of collecting and channelizing 100 billion dollars as climate finance was not met.

This goal was supposed to be met by 2020 and now it has been postponed till 2025. The second is related to the carbon market under which countries with excessive pollution emissions were to be heavily fined. All meetings related to these matters did not end on a positive note. Third, the demand to completely stop the usage of fossil fuels was also not met. Earlier, its deadline was 2050, whereas now it has been postponed to 2070. Further, there is a possibility that these deadlines would extend even more in the future.

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, October 21 2010: The main delegate entrance to the COP26 Climate change conference. It is located under the Finneston Crane