Irreversible Harm Of Global Warming: IPCC Report

According to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, climate change’s current speed and the problems caused by it can become irreversible if immediate action is not taken by world authorities.

The report emphasises that 40% of the world population, that is 3.6 billion people, are highly vulnerable to climate change. They are living in a constant threat of harsh climatic conditions and potential natural disasters. UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres termed it as “an atlas of human suffering”.

Rachel Warren, a lead author who worked on the report, said, “what has come out is a really strong message. At global warming of 2°C, the risks are several times greater than at 1.5°C. Many things become much more difficult to manage at 2°C than 1.5°.” If we somehow manage to cut the speed of global warming, farsighted losses can be far less. “Delay is death”, she said.

With the oaths, commitment and promises made at COP-26 last November, we haven’t managed to cut down the speed of climate change and we have a very short window to undo the activities that are constantly degrading the earth.