Improved Cooking Stove – Care India’s clean energy initiative

Care India is an NGO based in New Delhi. This organisation primarily works with women and engages on the issues of economic and social empowerment.

It works towards the empowerment of women from lower castes and marginalized communities. Traditional ways of cooking food that uses coal and wood are extremely harmful to women.

Women have to bear the brunt of indoor pollution. Care India spreads awareness on the issue of clean energy within communities and assists in the acquisition of cooking stoves that run on clean energy.

Care India’s Improved Cooking Stove or ICS harnesses solar energy in cooking and deters indoor pollution. The NGO also provides financial and technical solutions.

To transition to clean energy, the participation and support of men from the community are equally important and they play a pivotal role in the process. Care India thus prepares households to safely transition into clean energy.