Clean Energy / Renewable Energy Facts

China builds two wind turbines every hour.

In 2016, Portugal powered their nation for four straight days through a combination of hydro-generated, wind, and solar electricity. This 107-hour run on clean energy marked a milestone in Portugal’s clean energy run to be in line with the EU’s renewable targets for 2020.

Costa Rica 2017 broke Portugal’s record of 4 days to run the entire nation on clean energy as Costa Rica managed to run the whole nation on clean fuel for 300 consecutive days.

In Iceland, 100% of their energy is supplied through geothermal and hydropower sources.

Solar energy can become the world’s leading power source by 2050.

India is currently running the worlds’ most extensive renewable energy expansion programme, where a potential 175 GW of energy can be generated every year. It is planned to complete in 2022.

India is currently in 4th position among all the countries regarding overall installed renewable energy capacity.

The renewable capacity of India has increased by 285% in the last seven years.