Development Alternatives

Development Alternatives

Development Alternatives is an NGO based in New Delhi. Their work is mainly based on providing better technological solutions, environmental conservation and policy research. They have used clean and innovative energy resources such as biogas to increase electricity and energy security in many villages in North India. This provided clean electricity to the villages and addressed the issue of insufficient energy resources. Development Alternatives is engaged in efforts to empower the marginalized communities through fulfilling sustainable electricity and energy demands.

Development Alternatives initiative ‘Managing City Trash’ devises new policies and models for solid waste management in Delhi and the ‘Nagar Vikas’ program engages youth about the problem of waste by spreading awareness.

Achievements of Development Alternatives

Under the ‘Clean India’ campaign of Development Alternatives, the organization has assessed the environmental impact of urban spaces and has formed a collective of citizens working on environmental issues. More than 70 NGOs are involved in this network. Also, 500 schools and more than 10 lakh youth have been connected through this network. Through this, about 48,000 new initiatives have been taken for environmental protection. The members of the network are involved in tree plantation, solid waste management, e-waste management, etc.

Development Alternatives has a keen interest in green technology. In order to provide better facilities to the residents of the city and the village, the organization has prepared a ‘Tara’ water filter package. This filter can easily purify 2,000 to 3,000 litres of water per day. In 2020, Development Alternatives trained 878 farmers to tackle climate change and better water management.

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