Nest for House Sparrows

The House sparrow is the state bird of Delhi. It is a domestic bird that has made its presence felt in every village and city across the country. Over the past 25 years, the population of sparrows has declined sharply, and it has become an endangered bird today. By ensuring nests for them, we can progress towards their rehabilitation. We can help them by building comfortable nests in just six steps.

What you will require –
1. Bamboo sticks
2. Cloth
3. Thread or rope
4. Bangle
5. Dry grass
6. Scissor

Step 1. Make 5 rings from bamboo sticks
Step 2. Make a circular structure by joining bamboo rings as shown in the figure.
Step 3. Attach the bangle as the bird’s entry and exit point and tighten it with a thread and hold the bamboo stick at the bottom.
Step 4. Cover the entire structure with cloth and make a small hole in the bangle area for the entrance.
Step 5. Spread the grass evenly around it and wrap the grass around it with a rope or thread. Create an efficient entry point.
Step 6. Place grains on the bamboo stick to attract birds.