Make an attractive envelope for festival

Festivals bring us the opportunity to meet and give gifts to our families and friends. Though plastic is commonly used to wrap gifts, we can promote eco-friendly festivals by making eco-friendly envelopes for our gifts. Let’s learn how to make an eco-friendly envelope.

To make your envelope you need:

1. Newspaper or paper bags
2. Neat pages of old books
3. Small pieces of old clothes
4. Thread or thin rope
5. A collection of some new flowers and fresh leaves
6. Tape or adhesive

You can make your envelope through below four steps:

1. Cut the paper according to your gift.
2. Wrap it around the gift and apply tape or adhesive
3. Wrap the envelope and tie it with small pieces of clothes or rope.
4. We can make it more beautiful by changing it with a collection of flowers or leaves instead of a ribbon.