Scientific experiment with leaves

Visit the nearby park in your area and perform this informative exercise to know more about the science behind ‘Photosynthesis’. You will require these items –
1. A bowl, preferably a transparent one like a glass bowl
2. A fresh leaf from a nearby plant.
3. Water
4. A small pebble or a stone

How to perform this exercise?
1. lace the bowl with water outside in the sunlight.
2. Immerse the leaf in the water bowl so that it reaches the surface of the bowl.
3. To prevent the leaf from floating, use a pebble to stick it to the bottom.
4. Check on the bowl after a few hours.

After a few hours, you will observe tiny bubbles around the leaf and at the periphery of the bowl. This is because of the process of Photosynthesis. In this process, sunlight is converted into usable energy by leaves. After being immersed in water, leaves release additional oxygen, and we witness this oxygen in the form of bubbles in the water.