Do It Yourself

Nest for House Sparrows

The House sparrow is the state bird of Delhi. It is a domestic bird that has made its presence felt in every village and city across the country. Over the past 25 years, the population of sparrows has declined sharply, and it has become an endangered bird today. By ensuring nests for them, we can progress towards their rehabilitation. We can help them by building comfortable nests in just six steps.

What you will require –
1. Bamboo sticks
2. Cloth
3. Thread or rope
4. Bangle
5. Dry grass
6. Scissor

Step 1. Make 5 rings from bamboo sticks
Step 2. Make a circular structure by joining bamboo rings as shown in the figure.
Step 3. Attach the bangle as the bird’s entry and exit point and tighten it with a thread and hold the bamboo stick at the bottom.
Step 4. Cover the entire structure with cloth and make a small hole in the bangle area for the entrance.
Step 5. Spread the grass evenly around it and wrap the grass around it with a rope or thread. Create an efficient entry point.
Step 6. Place grains on the bamboo stick to attract birds.

Make an attractive envelope for festival

Festivals bring us the opportunity to meet and give gifts to our families and friends. Though plastic is commonly used to wrap gifts, we can promote eco-friendly festivals by making eco-friendly envelopes for our gifts. Let’s learn how to make an eco-friendly envelope.

To make your envelope you need:

1. Newspaper or paper bags
2. Neat pages of old books
3. Small pieces of old clothes
4. Thread or thin rope
5. A collection of some new flowers and fresh leaves
6. Tape or adhesive

You can make your envelope through below four steps:

1. Cut the paper according to your gift.
2. Wrap it around the gift and apply tape or adhesive
3. Wrap the envelope and tie it with small pieces of clothes or rope.
4. We can make it more beautiful by changing it with a collection of flowers or leaves instead of a ribbon.

Scientific experiment with leaves

Visit the nearby park in your area and perform this informative exercise to know more about the science behind ‘Photosynthesis’. You will require these items –
1. A bowl, preferably a transparent one like a glass bowl
2. A fresh leaf from a nearby plant.
3. Water
4. A small pebble or a stone

How to perform this exercise?
1. lace the bowl with water outside in the sunlight.
2. Immerse the leaf in the water bowl so that it reaches the surface of the bowl.
3. To prevent the leaf from floating, use a pebble to stick it to the bottom.
4. Check on the bowl after a few hours.

After a few hours, you will observe tiny bubbles around the leaf and at the periphery of the bowl. This is because of the process of Photosynthesis. In this process, sunlight is converted into usable energy by leaves. After being immersed in water, leaves release additional oxygen, and we witness this oxygen in the form of bubbles in the water.

You can recycle plastic bottles by using them for growing herbs and shrubs at your home.

Here are some steps to perform this exercise at home:
1. A plastic bottle of any shape
2. Some soil
3. The stem of the plants you will plant in the bottle

Follow these simple steps to grow your plant in a plastic bottle:
1. Take a plastic bottle of 2 litres and make a hole in it. You can use plastic bottles of any size but ensure that it is not too small.
2. Now take another small plastic bottle, cut it in half and place it upside down above the first plastic bottle.
3. Put some soil in the plastic bottle.
4. Take any plant stem, preferably Tulsi or Pudina, and place these items into the holes of the first bottle. Ensure that the bottom part of the stem is inside the bottle.