Engaging Children’s Books To Read On World Sparrow Day

Engaging Children’s Books To Read On World Sparrow Day

The Adventures OfWokaChimni by Preeti Vyas

Here WokaChimni, a cheerful house sparrow from Mumbai, flies and travels to beautiful and natural places throughout India. Woka’s love for India and travelling is beautifully depicted through the stories in the book. T


Ammu and The Sparrow by Vinitha R

Ammu starts to live with his grandmother, where he gets surrounded by beautiful sparrows. His grandmother teaches him how to feed sparrows with a feeder and how to look after them.

The Little Ninja Sparrows by RanjitLal

This is a story about two little sparrows that refuse to learn how to fly. They discover the world is a cruel and unkind place. They get trapped and put in a cage. Later they are recused by an innocent little girl.



Kaka and Munni: A Folktale From Punjab by Natasha Sharma

The book retells the old folktale about the crow Kaka and the sparrow Munni from Punjab. Munni lays three eggs in her nest, and Kaka, the crow, tries to get those eggs as his meal. This story is about how bravely and beautiful Munni handles this threat from Kaka.

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