Fresh Green Vegetables

A vegetable vendor calls out, “Potatoes ₹50 per kg, gourd and pumpkin ₹80 per kg, eggplant and okra ₹100 per kg.” Listening to this, Meena thinks the vegetables are very expensive. At home, Meena asks her grandmother, “Is there a way to grow vegetables at home?” The grandmother replies, “With a little hard work vegetables can be grown on fresh land and in pots also.” Meena goes to the terrace with her brother and her grandmother. The grandmother asks her brother Monu to put soil in the pot and Meena to pour water in it. Then she asks both of them to put vegetable seeds in it. After 3 months, all of them are there on the terrace. Meena says, “Grandmother, the vegetables have grown at our house too.” The grandmother says, “Yes Meena”. Meena’s father says, “Meena, you have not just grown vegetables but you have also saved us money.” By Sadrun, CHETNA

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