Peepal Baba, Trees and community participation

Azad Jain who is fondly known as Peepal Baba lives in New Delhi and has engaged on the issue of afforestation and tree plantation across the country. When he was 10 years old, a school teacher taught him the value of planting trees.

Later in his college, he was a student of English literature but was rather interested in nature’s literary references and idioms. He is known for his contribution to protecting forests and encouraging community participation.

Peepal Baba’s life experiences demonstrate that in order to contribute to the well-being of our ecosystem, it is primarily important to be motivated to protect them. He is at the forefront of community work and tackles the complex issue of tree plantations and their conservation in a simple manner.

About The Organisation
● Established by Peepal Baba, Give Me Trees Trust works towards the broader theme of tree plantation and tree conservation. Their work isn’t just restricted to tree plantation & conservation but goes beyond it to making compost, developing urban forests, developing nurseries and skill development of communities, etc. Sustainability and minimal use of resources are key principles of Give Me Trees Trust. They train people on making compost using kitchen waste and also teach the techniques of vermicompost. Through experts, Give Me Trees Trust identifies suitable land for tree plantation and forms policies on tree and forest development only after taking consent from concerned government authorities. A major part of their work involves planting trees on barren and donated lands.