Interactive Comics Exhibition opens up debate on Environment

Interactive Comics Exhibition opens up debate on Environment

The month of March witnessed two Grassroots Comics Exhibitions organised jointly by World Comics India and the HCL Foundation at two different learning centres run by RASTA NGO in Barola and Sarfabad, Noida.

Children read the comics and discussed about the environment in detail covering several key environmental issues such as rainwater harvesting, waste management, deforestation, etc. The environment was lively at both the centres as 70 and 66 children participated in the exhibitions in Barola and Sarfabad respectively.

The exhibition aimed to popularise and illustrate the Grassroots Comics medium as a communication cum pedagogical tool, that can improve environmental education transactions at the primary and secondary levels of education. The exhibition at the Sarfabadcentre commenced with RASTA staff members narrating their own comics to children. MsHimani, MsAsha, and MsShalini were extremely delighted to share their stories with the children.

The exhibitions were successful in raising discussions on the environment and concluded with World Comics Staff distributing grassroots comics format and copies of HaritKhabar to everyone present. RASTA staff members were elated and proud to see their comics published in the newspaper.


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