Neither Chemical Nor Colour

Rekha tells Babita that she had bought spinach this morning and that it had a foul smell even after being washed many times. She had to throw it all away. If they would have eaten it they would have fallen ill. Babita tells Rekha that these days chemicals are being used to grow vegetables and colours are being added to make them look good which is harmful for people. Rekha asks if they can grow vegetables at home. Babita tells her that many vegetables can be grown in small spaces in homes and in pots too. She too has planted many vegetables in her lawn and in the pots. She suggests Rekha to use the space near her house to grow vegetables. Rekha says that she’ll clean the space the next day to grow vegetables there. Rekha and Babita meet after two months and Rekha is happy to have grown fully natural vegetables which have neither chemical nor colour. By Naveen, Chetna NGO

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