Do solutions lie in a Circular Economy?
What exactly is a Circular Economy?

To know this first we have to understand the concept of ‘Linear Economy’. Think of the linear economy as a process wherein the first step is to buy raw materials for commodity production, the next step is to produce the commodity, and then to sell the final products into the markets.

Generally, the buyers of these products throw them after single use which leads to waste products in the environment. Though capable of being reused and recycled, these items are thrown away which only increases waste that cannot be recycled anymore. This type of economy in which items are thrown in the trash without being recycled is known as Linear Economy.

According to Environmentalists, a Circular Economy is the opposite of a Linear Economy which gives the unique solution of increasing resource efficiency. In a Circular Economy, the products that can be used again are reused instead of being thrown. This methodology ensures economically viable, less carbon producing waste management.