Do Electric Vehicles really provide a solution?

Electric Vehicles or EVs run on rechargeable electric batteries and use an electric motor instead of a conventional combustion engine. These vehicles can be charged anywhere with a stable electricity supply.

The last ten years have seen a big jump in the popularity and demand for electric vehicles due to technological advancements and climate change. Using hybrid and electric vehicles can help reduce a large amount of carbon footprint when adopted by the masses. When in use, EVs do not emit any greenhouse or any kind of pollutant but it is only one side of the story.

There is a lot of indirect pollution associated with Evs though. They do not emit any pollution from the tailpipe, however, the batteries intact in the vehicles can still release toxic fumes. In addition, most of the electricity supplied for EVs is generated through non-renewable resources or fossil fuels that emit tons of carbon. In a country like ours, where majority of its electric supply is generated from coal thermal power plants, finding a better and cleaner way to generate electric power is essential before jumping to any conclusion about EVs.