Concrete Solution needed for Solid Waste Management

In the plains of the capital, there lies a mountain peak of around 45-60 feet tall which is one of the biggest landfill sites in India. With 3000 thousand metric tons of garbage thrown in it every day, this trash mountain is predicted to grow taller than the iconic Taj Mahal. Is there an alternative way of managing this trash? Continue reading to know more about solid waste management techniques.

The process of collection and treatment of solid waste is known as solid waste management which is one of the parts of recycling. Items that can generally be reused are often thrown into the waste, which generates primarily two problems. The very first one is the production of carbon due to mismanagement of the waste, which further pollutes air and soil.

The second problem is the disruption of the economy due to the mismanagement of solid waste. To understand this phenomenon we need to first be aware of the ‘resource efficiency’ of earth.

The Earth has a limited number of natural resources and if they’re not used to their fullest potential, or not recycled, the resources get wasted. This causes the economy to use more resources than required, which is known as ‘resource inefficiency’. ‘Circular Economy’ provides new solutions to mitigate the above-mentioned problems.