Importance of waste management for environmental well-being

As our society progresses economically and socially, the waste produced would also increase. Most of our waste consists of organic, plastic and electronic wastes. Some of these waste products can be recycled and reused. Recycling and reusing are significant for providing new scope for livelihood and income as well.

Many products can be used as fashionable accessories. This idea is being tried and tested by Use Me Works, an organization working for women’s empowerment that aims to reduce wastage by reusing and recycling.

How to contribute to waste management?
Use Me Works’ is a group of women who support each other and aim to make a difference for a better life and a healthier planet. Use Me Works’ philosophy is not just about eco-friendly products but they work with women who are financially responsible for their families. You can buy recycled and eco-friendly laptop bags, new accessories, stationery and face masks from their website. They save and channel 200 kilograms of waste every month. For them, every waste product is truly valuable.