What is responsible consumption?

Recycling waste is critical for environmental protection, however, it too requires resources and energy production. Is there a way we can overcome the need to recycle and save that extra cost? Yes, there is and it’s called Responsible Consumption.

One of the 17 SDGs of the UN, Responsible consumption is a way of consuming resources parallel to sustainable development. This form of consuming resources aims to benefit both the economy and society. It revolves around three major aspects, which are –

Buying better: buying environment-friendly products,

Consuming better: not wasting any resources

Throwing away better: recycling the residue of the product safely.

Criteria to be in line with responsible consumption can be only buying a commodity that has a low carbon footprint, manufacturing of the commodity should not have affected the environment, the commodity is made in good working condition without any forced labour or child labour, the commodity should be in line with the acknowledged standards, and it must not degrade the environment in its entire life cycle.