Snow-Fake in the Winter Olympics

Have you ever wondered how is the Winter Olympics held despite the melting of glaciers and global warming? The answer lies in technology and artificial snow. Artificial snow is made with chemicals mixed with water. Pressuring that water through snow cannons, this water is shot up in the air and as it falls, it becomes artificial snow.

Artificial snow, with time, has become an important requirement for hosting the Winter Olympics. This trend was started in 1980 at Lake Placid Winter Games, New York and has continued since then. In the recently organised 2022 Beijing Winter Games, all of the snow on which the athletes competed was 100% artificial. A vast amount of energy and water resource is required to make snow slopes and snow pitches for the games and forty-nine million gallons of water were used to make artificial snow used in the Beijing Olympics. Artificial snow has caused massive water wastage in China when 82% of its glaciers have already melted and 20% of its ice cover has been lost since 1950 according to a Greenpeace report in 2018.

Snow machine blowing artificial snow over a ski slope on a sunny day