DHAN and HCLF collaborate on project ‘REVIVAL’

Local communities in Tamil Nadu have used the tank system since the ancient period. Previously, the presence of tanks has helped in regulating the hydrological cycles in cities, but urban expansion has drastically reversed the situation.

The city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu consists of more than 100 tanks and channels, which have largely dried up or are converted into dumping sites. To tackle the problem of diminishing traditional water bodies, DHAN Foundation’s water collective the Centre for Urban Water Resources (CURE) collaborated with the HCL Foundation for its project REVIVAL. In this initiative, the idea is to focus on restoring the tank system, securing water resources and redefining its purposes through collective planning and action. The project aims to restore the 640 acres of Vandiyur Lake. The main objectives of REVIVAL are to protect urban aquatic environments, enhance the living and sanitary conditions of residents and improve livelihood by securing water resources. The project also aims to fulfil the objectives of the Jal Shakti Ministry’s securing and protecting the water commons.