What’s Auspicious Without Jungle

Jhagdu who had been to the city for a few days is praising the city and pointing at flaws in tribal lifestyle. Jhagdu says, “What should I tell you brother. The city is amazing. Such hustle, fun and facilities.” Bhola says, “Why should I go to the city and leave this place with fresh water and air. We have nature’s blessings here.” Jhagdu says, “There you have theatres, electricity, big parks to roam and hospitals if you fall ill.” Bhola says, “Our jungle is our identity and we love it. And one who falls ill should go to the hospital. We have medicinal treasure in the jungle. We have to live here and die here only.” After some time Bhola looks at a government information board saying, “All adivasi people will have to leave the jungles in the nation’s favour. A flyover and road will be built here for the convenience of the travellers and development of the nation. Your cooperation is requested.” It’s been more than 6 months. As per government’s promise they were settled in the city but at different places. Bhola was sad to leave nature and come to the city. He says, “This model of development has been imposed on us. We are forced to live separately. I don’t have a problem with the city but we’ll not get fresh air, hygienic places, relaxed life and natural resources as in the jungle. The other person replies, “Yes, you’re right.” By Sumit, CHETNA

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