From Cities towards Villages

Rashmi and Ramesh were blessed with a son after 3 years of marriage. They used to pamper him a lot. Their son Rahul asked to put food and toys in the car as he’s going out with his friends. In the traffic, his friends complain of the noise and the pollution but Rahul asks the volume to be turned up and it is fun to him. Due to pollution and noise, Rahul starts to have headaches. A few days later Ramesh tells Rashmi that father has called us to spend some days in the village. Rashmi tells him that they will not stay for long. After 15 days in the village, Rashmi asks if they can stay in the village itself as Rahul is getting better due to the fresh air in the village. Hearing this, Rahul asks if everyone should leave cities and come to the villages then. By Rekha Sharma, Chetna NGO

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